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Haledon Police Pursuit Ends in Paterson Crash; Injuries


Authorities in Passaic County are investigating a Haledon Police pursuit that ended in a collision on a street in Paterson early Wednesday morning.

According to preliminary reports, the incident began when Haledon police attempted to pull over the drive of a vehicle that registration came back stolen at approximately 1:30 a.m.

Police say the driver of the car sped away and led officers on a pursuit into Paterser city limits.

The driver of the stolen car lost control near the intersection of Getty Avenue and Straight Street then crashed into a pole then ignited into flames at that location.

Two suspects were transported to St. Josephs's Hospital suffering serious injuries according to reports. Haledon Police said the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office will handle the investigation.

Police say there were no officers injured in the collision.