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GWB Fatal Accident Trucker Waives Extradition, Returns to New York

By rlsmetro on
Fort Lee

HACKENSACK, N.J. (March 30, 2017) -- The trucker who is charged with killing a man on the George Washington Bridge early this Monday morning, March 27, then escaped to the Vince Lombardi rest stop in New Jersey is heading back to New York.

Simranjeet Sing Sandhu, 23, appeared before Judge Frances A. McGrogan and waived extradition proceedings today, Thursday, that had been started by the Port Authority Police to compel him to return for prosecution.

“Do you understand you are here on a warrant from New York?” McGrogan asked Sandhu.

“It appears the Port Authority police want to extradite Mr. Sandhu to New York and have charged him with one count of vehicular homicide from the accident that occurred on the George Washington Bridge,” defense attorney S. Emile Lisboa of Hackensack said. “He’s decided to give up his right to have that hearing, he signed this today in my presence,” indicating an agreement to waive extradition.

Sandhu told the judge he doesn’t want to oppose returning to New York, and asked her, “Can you make my transfer as early as possible?”

McGrogan questioned Sandhu to be sure he understood his rights and the significance of his legal actions. Then, she dismissed the complaint warrant, telling Sandhu, “They will come within 10 business days to transport you back to New York. If you aren’t returned in that time, you can contact your lawyer.”

Sandhu, of Durham, NC was arrested Monday morning at Vince Lombardi rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike after Port Authority Police launched a search for the driver who caused a devastating accident, reportedly at 2:30 a.m., according to a local news station.

Sandhu’s green Volvo tractor trailer was found at the rest stop, the first west of the bridge, with significant front end damage. They interviewed Sandhu and determined he was under the influence of alcohol, registering .06 percent. The legal limit is .04 percent.

There were three people in the car traveling westbound on the lower level of the bridge -- a 25-year old man and two women, 28 and 39. They were rear-ended by Sandhu’s truck. The man was killed and the two women left in critical condition.

Photos of the accident show the car received massive damage, and was nearly unrecognizable.


IMAGE CREDIT: Mary Miraglia