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Gunmen Kill One Near Private School in Hillside


Shooters reportedly targeted a person in Hillside, then fired multiple times at the victim in close proximity of a school. The shooting caused fatal injuries early Wednesday morning. 

Hillside Police canvassed the area near the Trinity Temple Academy as they marked off several shell casings on residential blocks near the school and off Maple Avenue. 

It happened just before 12:50 a.m. where police responded to reports of shots fired in the area. 

When officers arrived, they found an unidentified, unconscious and unresponsive person struck by bullets at that location. 

Hillside Police notified the Union County Prosecutor's Office after the victim was pronounced dead a short time later. 

Police believe the suspects occupied a silver vehicle -possibly a Range Rover- which was observed speeding away from the scene. 

The motive for the shooting is under an active and ongoing investigation.