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Gunmen Fire Nearly Two Dozen Shots in Broad Daylight Jersey City Drive-By Shooting

By rlsmetro on
Jersey City

Authorities in Jersey City are on the search for at least three men who are wanted for pulling up in a car early this morning and began to fire weapons at unknown targets in a section if the town.

Multiple police officers rushed to Ocean Avenue at approximately 11:30 a.m. after they received frantic calls from residents who reported that several armed men were blasting rounds of bullets in the neighborhood.

Officers arrived and immediately taped the area off after finding about 18 shell casings but after they canvassed the scene, there were no victims.

Police began a city-wide search for a white four-door vehicle that drove away from the scene after the shooting.

Officers did locate the unoccupied car in another section of Jersey City.

The incident makes it the third shots-fired situation -in less that 24-hours- with one person struck by a bullet earlier this morning at a gas station.

The motive for the shooting is under investigation and no arrests have been made.