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Gunfire Strikes Two Victims in Newark's North Ward


Newark Police officials are investigating the motive behind a shooting that injured two victims in the city's North Ward Tuesday morning. 

A Shot Spotter device alerted police of gunfire in the single-digit block of Elliot Street around 12:15 a.m. 

Officers arrived at the scene and found a male victim suffering a gunshot wound. 

Police canvassed the neighborhood and found property damage after a stray bullet entered a home at that location. 

The gunshot victim was rushed to University Hospital for treatment and remained in serious condition. 

While officers searched the scene for evidence, officials at University Hospital alerted police of a second male who entered the emergency department suffering a gunshot injury. 

Police believe that the victim was injured at the Elliot Street crime scene. 

Officers also canvassed the 600 block of Summer Avenue in search of a weapon used in the shooting.

The gunman remains at large.