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Groundbreaking Pilot Program Aims to Reduce Maternal Mortality Rates Among Black, Latino Mothers in New Jersey

New Jersey

By: Richard L. Smith

In a proactive response to the alarming maternal mortality rates in New Jersey, CarePoint Health has joined forces with Saint Peter's Healthcare System for a groundbreaking pilot program.

Officials told RLS Media that the initiative leverages wearable internet technology to closely monitor patient hypertension and Body Mass Index (BMI) outcomes during prenatal and postpartum phases.

The primary aims are to reduce maternal mortality, enhance maternal well-being, and improve birth outcomes.

GenceptzThe program, launched in March and continuing through December 2023, focuses on 24 selected patients, monitoring and mitigating hypertension risks and studying BMI's correlation with pregnancy outcomes.

By providing real-time data and insights, healthcare professionals can identify deviations from the norm and intervene early.

Maternal mortality rates in the U.S. have surged, with about 84% of pregnancy-related deaths believed to be preventable. New Jersey faces a disproportionately high rate, particularly affecting Black and Latino mothers.

The collaboration between CarePoint and Saint Peter's Healthcare System aims to empower expectant mothers, bridging the gap in healthcare with technology-assisted monitoring and tracking of vital signs.

GenceptzThis approach fosters shared responsibility for health outcomes and has already shown promising results in early diagnosis and extending pregnancies.

As the program progresses, outcomes will be closely measured and analyzed.

The success highlights the potential of technology in transforming maternal care and promoting patient-centric healthcare.