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Good Friday Brings Mild Temperatures and Clearing Skies to Newark, North Jersey Region


By: Richard L. Smith 

Newark and North Jersey residents greet Good Friday with a mild start at 40 degrees, a welcome change from yesterday's unpleasant rainy and soggy conditions.AdWhile the day is set to be windy, it promises significantly less moisture, offering a respite from the recent damp weather.

As the sun makes its morning ascent, the lingering clouds are expected to begin dissipating, setting the stage for a day of gradual clearing.

The National Weather Service forecasts a mostly cloudy morning will give way to sunnier skies by the afternoon, with temperatures reaching a comfortable high near 55 degrees.

The northwest wind will be brisk, blowing at 11 to 17 mph, and could produce gusts as high as 29 mph, adding a crispness to the air.AdNWS forecasters say the clear conditions will continue tonight, with the temperature dipping to a cool low of around 37 degrees.

This Good Friday is shaping up to be a pleasant day for the Newark and North Jersey area, with the promise of clearer skies and mild weather to kick off the holiday weekend.