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Giving Tuesday: Morris County Non-Profit Seeks Help Supporting Newark Children

By metrowriter on
Morris County

By: Najla Alexander/Richard L. Smith 

 Shepherds of Youth Charitable Trust needs your assistance supporting  St. Michael's School in Newark and the Vocationist Fathers and Sisters. 

According to officials, SOY helps these organizations by offering financial assistance to St. Michael's School students and assisting the Fathers and Sisters in their work to help those in need.

​St. Michael's School endeavors to deliver a high-quality, values-based education to over 250 children from Newark and the surrounding area, officials say. 

Founded in 1984, Shepherds of Youth Charitable Trust is an organization of men and women who support the efforts of the Vocationist Fathers, Sisters, and especially Saint Michael School.

Officials report that SOY runs several fundraisers and events throughout the year to assist Saint Michael School, nurseries, and daycare centers around Newark and the Vocationist Fathers and Sisters who run them.

They are famous for fundraising events, including a Cigar Smoke and Golf Classic.

It's impossible to talk about SOY without looking at some of the organizations they support: Saint Michael School, the nurseries, daycares, and the Vocationist Fathers and Sisters who help them, officials said. 

Officials say SOY offers financial assistance and support for Saint Michael School through various programs. Located in an impoverished area Saint Michael School has many unique challenges.

According to officials, many of its students come from low-income families, and its student body is comprised of a multitude of students from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds and social statuses. Many of the students are immigrants.

The nurseries and daycares run by the Vocationist Sisters ensure that working mothers and fathers have a safe place to send their young children during the day.

Children are taught to love learning in a safe, fun-filled environment. Officials say that children learn about basic social skills, manners, respect for authority, and responsibility. 

Many children from the nurseries and daycares continue their education at Saint Michael School.

Officials are proud to report that SOY is a group dedicated to ensuring that every child can receive an excellent education. They support the Vocationist Fathers and Sisters who help the children daily.