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Frustrating Flood Woes Plague North Jersey Residents After Storm Clears


By: Richard L. Smith 

Following a dreary, rain-soaked Saturday that transformed local streets into temporary rivers, residents of Newark and the North Jersey region are waking up to a bitterly cold but sunny Sunday.NinosThe recent rainstorms have once again pushed rivers, including the Passaic and Raritan, to flood stages, heightening anxieties among those living nearby who have already endured a season marked by flooding.

Despite today's clear skies, the National Weather Service reminds us of a cold start, with temperatures initially below freezing.

The day promises total dryness and sunshine, but the wind is a cause for concern, already contributing to a chillier feel.


Early wind chill values are expected to range between 20 and 30, with a north wind blowing at 13 to 16 mph and gusts potentially reaching up to 26 mph.NinosThe high for today is anticipated to be near 46 degrees.

The region will see mostly clear skies with a low of around 32 degrees tonight.

This recent storm has frustrated residents in Lodi and North Jersey, especially those already weary from the impacts of past storms.

As the community enjoys today's sunshine, and dry weather, many remain vigilant of the ongoing flood threats.