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Franklinville Cook Buys Winning Scratch-Off Worth $200K

By kcora on

Jessica Lopez of Franklinville is a cook and a passionate lottery player. She enjoys playing NJ Lottery scratch-off games the most, but plays draw games occasionally when the jackpots climb higher.

On a recent visit to her regular lottery retailer, Jessica picked up some Lucky 7’s scratch-off tickets. She took just a moment in the store to scratch the tickets and was pleasantly surprised to see the results of the Lucky 7’s ticket. It was hard to believe at first, but Jessica’s ticket looked like a winner – a $200,000 winner! Jessica did a double- and triple-take to be sure, and the prize was still there for her, all $200,000 of it.

Jessica was shocked that she had won such a huge prize. Jessica said, “I don’t even win $100 or baskets at auctions!” She showed her husband, who had to check the ticket a few times as well. Jessica and her husband plan to use the money on car repairs and a few gifts for family; the rest will be saved and invested.

New Jersey Lottery players claimed more than $101.3 million in prizes playing scratch-off games in October.