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Former Youth Tennis Pro Convicted at Trial for Explicit Crimes Against Student in Freehold Township

Freehold Township

By: Najla Alexander 

Authorities in Monmouth County reported that on Wednesday, a Monmouth County jury convicted a former youth tennis instructor of numerous explicit crimes committed against a student over the course of more than a year, starting when she was 12.

Monmouth County Prosecutor Raymond S. Santiago announced that Terry Y. Kuo, 32, of Colts Neck, was found guilty following a two-week trial held before Monmouth County Superior Court Criminal Division Presiding Judge Jill G. O’Malley.

According to officials, the case stemmed from an investigation commenced after one of Kuo’s students alleged that he had engaged in various instances of explicit misconduct on multiple occasions from August 2016 through November 2017.

Officials said a subsequent investigation conducted by the Marlboro Township Police and the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office Special Victims Bureau and Computer Crimes Unit resulted in the recovery of digital files containing explicit images of minors (CSAM) on the defendant’s electronic devices.

As well as evidence of explicit assault crimes committed against the victim.

Leveraging the digital and physical evidence, as well as witness testimony – including from the now-19-year-old victim – the State proved that Kuo showered her with gifts.

Gifts such as expensive electronics, jewelry, and designer clothing and accessories while coercing her into engaging in explicit contact with him, officials stated.

Officials say Kuo was arrested in Marlboro in November 2017 and initially indicted in February 2018.

Superseding indictments were filed upon the recovery and review of additional evidence in December 2018 and January 2023 before the trial began late last month, officials said.

In all, officials stated, the jury found Kuo guilty of two counts of first-degree Aggravated Explicit Assault, first-degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child via Manufacture of Explicit Images of Minors, first-degree Kidnapping, three counts of second-degree explicit assault, and second-degree Endangering via Manufacture of Explicit Images of Minors.

According to officials, the last charges few charges consist of third-degree Aggravated Criminal Explicit Contact, third-degree Endangering via Possession of Explicit Images of minors, third-degree Endangering via Engaging in Explicit Conduct, third-degree Obscenity, fourth-degree Criminal Explicit Contact, and fourth-degree Conspiracy to Commit Evidence Tampering.

“The conduct of this defendant, so thoroughly outlined by our prosecutors during the course of this trial, was nearly incomprehensibly manipulative and predatory,” Prosecutor Santiago said.

“We sincerely thank the jury for carefully weighing the facts and reaching the appropriate conclusion.”

Sentencing in the case has been scheduled for Friday, December 1, at which time Kuo could face a term of up to life in state prison, officials stated.

He currently remains detained at the Monmouth County Correctional Institution (MCCI) in Freehold Township.