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Former Mendham Rehab Teacher Sentenced to Probation

Morristown Mendham Pompton Lakes

Morristown-- An ex-teacher of substance abuse program, Daytop Village, has been sentenced to two years probation for one count of criminal sexual contact and one count of child abuse.

On Monday, Dec. 5, Donna D. Peirce-Faley, 30, pleaded guilty to the charges against her in which she was accused of sexually touching an 18-year-old male resident who had been completing the court ordered program.

In addition to that charge, Peirce-Faley pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse for allowing a 17-year-old to view naked photos on her phone in 2014.

According to Peirce-Faley's attorney, Andrew Olesnycky, she was originally charged with second-degree sexual assault for allegedly engaging in sexual contact with the 18-year-old while he was at the facility as a resident.

The prosecutor's office recommended probation for Peirce-Faley because the initial charges did not measure up to the nature of the crimes in question.

Authorities report the teen did not suffer from mental disability of any kind and that Peirce-Faley had been charged because she obtained a supervisory role within the company.