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Florida Man Arrested at Newark Airport for Loaded Gun in Carry-On


By: Richard L. Smith 


A Florida man was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport after TSA officers discovered a loaded .38 caliber revolver in his carry-on luggage on Monday, May 6, TSA officials said. AdThe firearm, which contained four bullets, was detected during a routine X-ray screening at Terminal C's checkpoint.

Port Authority Police were immediately notified, seized the weapon, and detained the man on a state weapons charge.

The traveler claimed he was unaware that the loaded gun was in his carry-on bag.

However, TSA officials said he now faces a severe federal financial civil penalty, which could be as high as $15,000, for attempting to bring a weapon through a security checkpoint. 

Thomas Carter, TSA’s Federal Security Director for New Jersey, emphasized the importance of travelers being vigilant about the contents of their carry-on bags.Ad"Responsible gun owners know where their firearms are at all times and understand that they should not bring them to airport security checkpoints," Carter stated.

He also praised the TSA officers for their effectiveness in preventing a potentially dangerous situation.

The TSA advises that guns can be transported on flights if they are unloaded, secured in a locked hard-sided case, and declared to the airline to be placed in checked baggage.

Carter also recommended that individuals intending to transport firearms should familiarize themselves with the gun regulations of their destination.

This incident is part of a larger pattern, as TSA officers have intercepted over 5,000 guns at security checkpoints nationwide so far this year, following last year’s record of 6,542 firearms.