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Fireworks Explosion Kills Man in Jersey City

Jersey City

As the fireworks-filled Fourth of July holiday looms, a cautionary tale about those entertaining explosives comes from Jersey City.

That’s where Hudson County authorities say a 31-year-old man is dead following a fatal overnight incident involving fireworks.

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According to a preliminary investigation by Jersey City Police, the call came in around 1 a.m. on Saturday, and as emergency responders arrived in the 80's block Fremont Avenue they found a severely injured man bleeding heavily after suffering a massive chest injury at that location.

Police say medical personnel attempts to revive the victim was unsuccessful.

Authorities say the unidentified man was killed when the “commercial-grade firework device” exploded as he was attempting to fire it off.

Police Department around New Jersey has seen a "massive increase" in calls where sleepless residents reported individuals setting off illegal fireworks at all hours of the night and early mornings.

In Newark, Jersey City, Paterson and Camden, police have received 10 times as many calls about fireworks than they did in 2019 according to reports.

The incident remains under investigation.