Firefighters Battle Keasbey Apartment Building Fire

Middlesex County fire officials are investigating the cause of a fire that ignited inside an apartment of a building in Keasbey on Tuesday night.

The fast-moving fire erupted in the 900 block of Sunnyview Oval at approximately 10:40 p.m. sending firefighters to the scene where they received reports of trapped occupants inside the structure.

Swift response by firefighters had crews on the scene where they observed occupants on a balcony and fire coming from the two-story apartment building.

Crews immediately evacuated the building before they went to work extinguishing heavy flames that ripped through the roof of the structure according to fire officials.

Firefighters battled flames that began to extend through the walls of other units causing massive damage but a search of all the apartments for injured occupants were negative.

It took firefighters under an hour to bring the blaze under control with the cause of the fire unknown at this time.