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Final Act: 'What Comes Next?' Delivers Powerful Performances by Newark's Aurway Repertory Theatre


By: Richard L. Smith 

As the curtain prepares to close on its final weekend, Aurway Repertory Theatre's production of 'What Comes Next?' continues to captivate audiences in Newark with its moving narrative of self-discovery and resilience.AdThe original musical, penned and composed by Mr. Lawrence Dandridge and directed by Ms. Veronica Gonmiah, features a dynamic, multigenerational cast of talented black women, offering a fresh experience with double casting for each show.

The unique setup of not having a set cast, along with a male cameo featuring a different talent every night, enriches the authenticity of each performance.

AuwayThe production team boasts talents like Marcus Beckett as Associate Music Director and Production Manager, Brianna Selaey from Third and Walnut Production Company on set design, and Dante Folson handling stage management and audio.

As the show draws to a close with its final performances scheduled from May 10th through May 12th, 2024, including a special Mother's Day show, audiences have one last chance to experience this poignant exploration of relationships, introspection, and happiness.AdTickets are available online, with Aurway Repertory Theatre encouraging early bookings to catch this unforgettable theatrical experience.

Founded as a non-profit dedicated to amplifying diverse voices, Aurway continues to foster meaningful art, following up on its acclaimed debut production 'Something Like a Fairytale.'

As it celebrates emerging and established talent, Aurway Repertory Theatre remains a pivotal cultural beacon in Newark's vibrant arts scene.