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Fiery Car Crash in Hillsborough Township Leaves Victims Severely Injured

Hillsborough Township

By: Tracie Carter 

Authorities in Somerset County are conducting an investigation into a  car crash that occurred overnight in Hillsborough Township, resulting in severe injuries to at least one person.

MorganThe emergency was first reported around midnight on River Road, prompting a rapid response from emergency services.

Upon arrival, officers encountered a car engulfed in flames with individuals trapped inside.

Both occupants, found unconscious, were swiftly extricated from the vehicle. In a desperate effort to save lives, CPR was administered to one of the individuals at the crash site.

The Somerset County Prosecutor's Office has been informed of the incident, and their crash investigation team was dispatched to assist with the inquiry.

As of now, the cause of the crash remains undetermined, with investigators working to piece together the events leading up to this tragic accident.