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Female Wanted for Using Counterfeit Money in Sicklerville Business


Police are looking for a female who they say used a counterfeit bill at a local business.

According to police, on August 30th, at approximately 5 p.m. a female entered the Hobby Lobby store, located at 611 Berlin Crosskeys Road, in Sicklerville and purchased two items with a counterfeit $100.00 bill.

The suspect is identified as a light skinned, possibly Hispanic, female with tattoos on her left arm/shoulder (believed to be three characters), left wrist, and left inner forearm (believed to be a butterfly).

Police said the woman also has tattoos on her right arm/shoulder and possibly on her right forearm/wrist.

Anyone with information on the female’s identity or whereabouts is asked to contact police at (856)228-4500.