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Family Birthdays Prove Lucky for Ramsey Man


Christopher M., from Ramsey is a lottery player who likes playing Jersey Cash 5, but will play Mega Millions and Powerball when those jackpots get high. He usually stops at his regular lottery retailer once a week to play consecutive drawings for the next couple of days.

Christopher said he does not believe in quick picks and picks his own special numbers, such as: his birthday, his wife’s birthday, his kid’s birthdays, and his age. Christopher said these numbers are lucky for him because he had previously “hit” four out of five numbers on jersey Cash 5 ticket using the same numbers that he won with now.

After Christopher bought his lottery tickets this time, he left them in his car until he could check the numbers later after the drawing had taken place. After work the next day, he checked the ticket and, to his amazement, he had thought his numbers matched the numbers draw for the Jersey Cash 5 jackpot worth $522,909! To make sure what he was seeing was real, he kept checking his numbers over and over.

When he got home, he told his wife the good news, but she didn’t believe him until he actually went to his regular retailer to validate the ticket and confirmed it was a winning ticket and got the great news that it was the only winning ticket for that jackpot drawing. Christopher said he was so nervous he slept with the ticket that night until he visited lottery headquarters the next day.

The winnings will go toward a trip with his family during spring break and to his children’s college education.

The lucky retailer that sold the winning ticket is Village Stationers, 51 West Main St., Ramsey in Bergen County.