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Essex Sheriff's Officers Arrest Armed Suspect Following Robbery At Newark 7-Eleven

By rlsmetro on

A male suspect was arrested by Sheriff's Officers on Monday morning after robbing a 7-Eleven convenience store. 

​Sheriff Armando Fontoura stated that officers from his department’s Patrol Division were traveling south on Elizabeth Avenue near East Runyan Street when they were flagged down by local citizens who informed them that a robbery had just taken place.

​“These concerned citizens told our officers that a man in all black clothing had entered the convenience store on the corner of Runyan and Elizabeth and had held up the store clerk before leaving with an unknown amount of money,” Sheriff Fontoura said.  “At that time, our officers swiftly entered the 7-Eleven and proceeded to talk to the cashier, who corroborate the story.”

Police say following the discussion with the store clerk, the officers ran out of the 7-Eleven before locating the suspect heading East on Runyan Street. The officers entered their marked vehicle, turned on their lights and sirens, and proceeded to follow the suspect. 

​“Once our officers caught up to the suspect, they ordered him to stop and he immediately complied," the Sheriff said. "The male, who was later identified as Mr. Anthony Gibbs, 60, of Newark, was placed under arrest."

​The officers did a quick search of Gibbs, which yielded positive for results. The officers recovered an orange box cutter, which Gibbs had hidden in his pocket and gestured to during the robbery, as well as the stolen $306 from the 7-Eleven.

​Gibbs was charged with robbery, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, and criminal mischief.

​Gibbs was transported to Essex County Correctional Facility, where he will be housed.