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Essex Sheriff Officers Arrest Several Trespassing in Defunct Overbrook Insane Asylum in Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove New Jersey

A reported trespassing at a defunct hospital  in the 100 block of Fairview Ave. has officers from the Essex County Sheriff's Department apprehended about five people early this morning. 

Officer patrolling around the hospital grounds at around 3:30 a.m. reportedly heard what sounded like occupants inside building number two at the facility. 

A search in and around the building had officers immediately arrest the suspects.  

Reports have shown several other incidents in the month of June and July where Sheriff Officers arrested or detained suspects that were occupying the vacant structure. 

According to, in the late 1800, the city of Newark purchased the large portion of land where a hospital was built to alleviate crowding at Newark Hospitals.  

The hospital closed it's doors in 1975 after patients were subject to a horrifying level of neglect, including an incident in 1917 where 24 patients were reportedly left to freeze to death in their own beds according to Complex Pop Culture.

After an influx of patients post WWII, the Overbrook’s facilities became dangerously crowded, and as many as 150 patients went missing according to the pop culture website.