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Essex County's Isaiah House Awarded $2M Grant for Community Support Initiatives

East Orange

By: Richard L. Smith 

In a significant endorsement of its mission, Isaiah House, a cornerstone for the welfare of Essex County’s most vulnerable groups, has received a $2 million grant from the Yield Giving initiative, founded by philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. Click HERE to give. 


This grant not only highlights Isaiah House's critical role in supporting underserved communities but also propels it into a select cadre of organizations distinguished by the Yield Giving Open Call.

The Open Call process was competitive, drawing over 6,353 applications with an initial intent to allocate $1 million each to 250 organizations.

However, the exceptional quality of submissions, particularly from entities like Isaiah House, led the donor team to increase both the grant amounts and the number of recipients.

Receiving double the initially planned amount, Isaiah House stands out for its unparalleled commitment and service to community support.

Zammeah Bivins-Gibson, the Executive Director of Isaiah House, shared her enthusiasm and gratitude for the award:

“This recognition from Yield Giving marks a significant milestone for us. It affirms the relentless effort and dedication of our team and opens new avenues for us to broaden and intensify our support for those in dire need. We are deeply grateful to MacKenzie Scott, Yield Giving, and Lever for Change for enabling us to escalate our service offerings and transform more lives.”


Looking ahead, Isaiah House is poised to embark on an ambitious phase of growth, with plans to inaugurate a new facility on 14th Street in East Orange.

This expansion will cater to individuals and families who are ineligible for traditional funding sources, including undocumented families and unhoused women striving for sobriety to stay with their children.

The initiative reflects Isaiah House’s commitment to filling gaps in community support and enhancing the overall health and stability of the community it serves.

The organization is inviting the community and its supporters to participate in this transformative journey. Those interested should visit for more information on how to contribute.

For over three decades, Isaiah House has been a beacon of hope, providing essential services such as shelter, food assistance, healthcare, education, and job training to homeless and at-risk families in Essex County, NJ.


Its comprehensive approach is aimed at empowering individuals towards self-sufficiency and making a lasting impact on the community.

Yield Giving, through its trust-based philanthropy model, has revolutionized charitable giving, directing over $16.5 billion to more than 1,900 non-profit organizations worldwide.

This approach ensures that groups like Isaiah House can continue their crucial work, significantly benefiting communities in need.

For more details on Yield Giving’s initiatives, visit