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Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Offers Free Domestic Violence Courses

By metrowriter on
Essex County

BY: Najla Alexander

Essex County Prosecutor's office is offering a free training program focused on helping victims of domestic violence find the resources they need to become healthy and safe, according to Essex County officials.          

Officials say the program, called "Sanctuary," will teach students how to provide crisis intervention and outreach services to victims of domestic violence. It will instruct participants on how to aid victims of sexual assault, child abuse, and stalking, as well as witnesses to domestic homicides.

The program, organized by the Victim-Witness Advocacy Office, is divided into two courses: basic and advanced. Both classes will be offered virtually, officials reported. 

The advanced course will begin Monday, October 31, and the basic course on Tuesday, November 1, in the same time slot. Students must complete the basic course before attending the advanced course. Both classes are free of charge. 

The basic course will cover topics such as the nature of catastrophe, assisting underserved victims, and crisis intervention counseling. It will also discuss the spiritual dimension of trauma, the cultural aspects of criminal victimization, and safety planning and threat assessment.

Topics covered in the advanced course include crime-victim advocacy, trauma-informed care, and power politics in intimate relationships.  

Upon completing the two courses, residents who are members of churches, mosques, synagogues, social service agencies, fraternal organizations, and allied organizations in Essex County will be trained to provide immediate and culturally sensitive outreach to domestic violence victims-survivors and their families.

You can apply at and submit applications to Applications are due on October 26, 2022. For more information, call (973) 621-4689.