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Essex County Correctional Police Officer Arrested for Possessing Explicit Images of Minors




By: Richard L. Smith 

A Union County man was arrested and charged with possessing explicit images of minors Wednesday night. 

According to public records obtained by RLS Media, Essex County Correctional Police Officer Mr. Brian Sargent, 45, of Cranford, allegedly was caught in possession of photographs of minors engaging in sex acts, endangering the welfare of minors, and invasion of privacy. 

He was taken into custody in Cranford, processed by Union County officials and is now housed at the Middlesex County Jail. 

Black cops

Public records stated that Sargent is the son of the late Union County Sheriff’s Department Chief Lester Sargent Jr. 

Sargent reportedly moved to The Essex County Jail when the Union County Jail closed in July 2021. 

Union County closed most operations at its county jail, eliminated its corrections department and housed inmates at the Essex County jail in a cost-saving move.