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Enjoyable September-like Weather with Cooler Breeze Expected in Newark, North Jersey Region 


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By: Richard L. Smith 

Today, Newark and the North Jersey region can expect a refreshing break from the typical summer heat.

According to The National Weather Service, the temperatures are taking on a more September-like character, with mercury levels unlikely to cross into the 80s.

Instead, the day will witness temperatures struggling to escape the 70s, providing a welcome respite from Monday's high heat.

The weather outlook promises mostly sunny skies, offering plenty of bright moments.

NWS meteorologist said a gentle northern breeze, blowing at speeds between 11 to 17 mph, will add to the cooler ambiance.

As the sun sets, the evening will remain inviting for outdoor activities.

Expect mostly clear skies as the temperature dips to around 60 degrees. Humidity levels will hover at a comfortable 62%, contributing to a pleasant outdoor experience.

The breeze will continue to sweep in from the north, maintaining a steady speed of 17 mph.

Furthermore, the barometer reading stands at 30.03 inches, indicating stable atmospheric conditions.

Ice cream Today's weather offers an ideal opportunity to savor the transition from summer to autumn, with the cooler air and gentle breeze creating a serene and enjoyable atmosphere for all.

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