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East Orange Women, Newark Man Charged with Phoning in Bomb Threat at Willowbrook Mall in Wayne


By: Tracie Carter 

Wayne Police said on Friday, December 9, at 2:32 p.m.  Wayne Police Officer Chris Savitsky was on patrol in the Willowbrook Mall area.

Authorities said Officer Savitsky observed a Honda Accord bearing a New Jersey temporary registration that appeared to be bogus.

Officer Savitsky conducted a motor vehicle stop of the Honda in the area of the Yardhouse  Willowbrook Mall.

According to officials, Officer Savitsky contacted the driver and occupants and investigated the vehicle’s registration status.

During this investigation, Wayne Police Communications Bureau received a 911 cell phone call in which a female reported there was a bomb in Macy’s at the Willowbrook Mall and pleaded for a rapid police response.

Multiple officers and supervisors were dispatched to Macy’s to handle the bomb threat.

Officer Savitsky remained on the motor vehicle stop and was backed up by Officers Margaret Porco, David Talerico, Steven Powers and Sergeant Bob Franciose.

Wayne Police Captain Michael McNiff reminded officers over the radio that the bomb threat could be a diversion for other crimes in the Willowbrook area and to remain alert.

Communications Bureau Supervisor Michael Williams instructed dispatchers to capture data related to the 911 call.

Authorities said they were able to determine that the call originated from the front lot of Willowbrook Mall near the Yard House.

Members of the Investigations Division began to work on the origin of the phone call. Detective Anne Shivas ran a check on the phone number and determined that the phone belonged to the driver, that was stopped by Officer Savitsky and alerted him to that fact.

Officer Savitsky determined that the Honda was stolen and all occupants were placed under arrest. Sergeants Bob Hitson and Corey Stevens led a group of officers from Wayne Police Department, Passaic County Sheriff’s Office and Willowbrook Security in conducting a security sweep of Macy’s and found nothing out of the ordinary.

Police arrested Ms. Shaquanda White, 30, of East Orange, who was charged with Receiving Stolen Property, Creating a False Public Alarm, and misusing 911.

Also arrested was Ms. Cristal Rennie, 29, of East Orange, who was charged with Receiving Stolen Property.

Police said Mr. Nashid Wilson, 22, of Newark, was charged with Receiving Stolen Property, Hindering Apprehension, and Possession of Prescription Legend drugs.

He was also found to have multiple outstanding warrants.

All three arrested suspects were placed on complaint warrants and placed in Passaic County Jail pending detention hearings.