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East Orange Takes Bold Stand Against Illegal Dumping: Joint Effort by Police and Code Enforcement

East Orange

NinosBy: Richard L. Smith 

Mayor Ted R. Green has unveiled a powerful collaboration between the East Orange Police Department (EOPD) and the Department of Code Enforcement to combat the menace of illegal dumping. This initiative aims to enforce strict accountability on offenders in accordance with the law.

Recent developments within the city showcase the robust approach being taken. EOPD has pressed charges against two men, both non-residents of East Orange, for engaging in illegal dumping activities.

Officials said the first incident occurred on July 10, involving a 37-year-old Newark resident, Mr. Raqeeb Stubbs, who was captured on camera disposing of a refrigerator at the corner of St. Agnes Place and Central Avenue, right in front of the CareWell Health Medical Center.

Two days later,  Mr. James Bartolomei, aged 54 and hailing from Clinton, NJ, was caught on camera unloading a collection of 33 scrap tires within a city-owned lot on 4th Avenue.

EOPD officials have taken action by issuing summonses to both individuals, who must now appear in court to answer for their actions. Fines for such offenses begin at $200 and can escalate up to $50,000 and beyond, depending on the volume and nature of the dumped materials.NinosThe consequences can even extend to the suspension of driving privileges and the forfeiture of vehicles, while the burden of clearing up the mess may also fall on the offender.

Illegally disposing of hazardous waste is considered an environmental crime and can lead to severe consequences, including arrest, imprisonment, and mandatory community service.

Mayor Green was determined to combat such actions: "Enough is enough. We are going to use whatever weapons we have in our arsenal to go after these violators who have the audacity to come into our city and shamefully leave their garbage on public property. My team and I have been working very hard to restore a sense of community and pride in our city and we will not let these egregious acts of dumping go unpunished."

Public Safety Director Maurice Boyd emphasized the department's use of advanced technology in this endeavor, serving as a potent deterrent against potential dumpers. "Littering and illegal dumping are against the law, and those who do it will get caught," said Boyd.

Despite these sporadic incidents, Mayor Green noted an overall improvement in the upkeep of properties within the city.

He encouraged residents and business owners to notify police if they suspect illegal dumping in their communities.