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East Orange Police Arrested Two for Cedar Grove 'Bump-and-Run' Carjacking

By rlsmetro on
East Orange

Police in East Orange are being credited for the arrests of suspects wanted for a carjacking in Cedar Grove Tuesday night. 

According to a preliminary investigation, just before 8:25 p.m., Cedar Grove Police were alerted of a carjacking in the 90's block of Pompton Road (NJ-23). 

When officers arrived, they were informed by the female victim that two suspects (a black male and a black female) occupied a truck that rear-ended her near the address.

According to reports, when the woman exited the vehicle to assess the damage, one of the suspects overpowered the victim and stole her 4-door white Jaguar. 

Law enforcement officials were alerted of the carjacking through a ‘be on the look out’ alert. 

The victim's husband tracked the vehicle to the 200 block of Prospect Avenue in East Orange, where police took the suspects into custody and located a loaded gun inside the car, preliminary reports said. 

Authorities said the investigation remains active and ongoing. 

According to the US Department of State, carjackings have become one of the most prevalent crimes in many parts of the world during the holidays.

Federal officials said most carjackings occur for the sole purpose of taking the car; it is a crime without a political agenda and does not explicitly target Americans.

You can protect yourself by becoming familiar with the methods, ruses, and locations commonly used by carjackers.

Department of State officials said the first step to avoiding an attack is to stay alert at all times and be aware of your environment. The most likely places for a carjacking are:

  • High crime areas 
  • Lesser traveled roads (rural areas) 
  • Intersections where you must stop 
  • Isolated areas in parking lots 
  • Residential driveways and gates
  • Traffic jams or congested areas

Learn to avoid these areas and situations if possible. If not, take steps to prevent an attack.

In traffic, look around for possible avenues of escape. Keep some distance between you and the vehicle in front so you can maneuver easily if necessary--about one-half of your vehicle's length. (You should always be able to see the rear tires of the car in front of you.)

When stopped, use your rear and side-view mirrors to stay aware of your surroundings.

Also, keep your doors locked and windows up. This increases your safety and makes it more difficult for an attacker to surprise you.

INFORMATION CREDIT: US Department of State