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East Orange Hosts Community Farmer’s Market with Police Partnership

East Orange

By: Richard L. Smith 

The East Orange Police Department is set to collaborate with the East Orange Family Success Center (EOFSC) for the upcoming Farmer's Market event.FitnessScheduled for tomorrow, Monday, March 18, from 4 pm to 6 pm, this monthly market is a beacon of support, offering free fruits and vegetables to the local community.

The event will be held at 132 South Harrison Street and will welcome everyone interested in nurturing their families with fresh produce.

The EOFSC, a cornerstone of community support in East Orange, teams up with MEND, Essex County's leading hunger relief network, to organize this Farmer's Market.

MEND's mission to combat hunger and foster health equity is brought to life through these markets, which benefit around 125 parents and touch the lives of approximately 400 family members each month.

Matt Stevens, the Director of EOFSC, emphasizes the Farmers Market's significance in providing parents with vital resources.

"The Farmers Market offers a fantastic opportunity for parents to access necessary resources that can help strengthen their family bonds," he stated, highlighting the center's commitment to family empowerment and success.

The East Orange Police Department (EOPD) will also be present, offering valuable information and resources to enhance public safety as a gesture of community policing and engagement.

Public Safety Director Maurice Boyd shared insights into the department's holistic approach to addressing community needs.

"EOPD is deeply invested in community policing to enhance our citizens' safety and quality of life," Boyd remarked.

He also mentioned various EOPD initiatives, such as Soup with a Cop, Summer Pop-Up Block Parties, and partnerships with local food banks, all of which aim to address food insecurity and foster safer, more equitable communities.

Participants are reminded to bring their own bags to the event, underscoring the environmentally conscious effort to reduce waste.

This collaborative effort between the East Orange Police Department and the EOFSC not only aims to alleviate hunger and promote health equity but also serves as a shining example of how law enforcement and community organizations can come together to support and strengthen their community.

Through such partnerships, East Orange is demonstrating a comprehensive approach to community wellness, safety, and prosperity.