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East Orange Fire Department Launches Specialized Alarm Program for the Impaired

East Orange

Summer ProgramBy: Richard L. Smith 

As Fire Prevention Awareness Month kicks off this October, the East Orange Fire Department (EOFD) has announced its innovative initiative, the Free Smoke Alarm Program, tailored specifically for the visually and hearing-impaired residents of East Orange.

Recognizing the heightened vulnerability of these residents during fire emergencies, the program offers a specialized alarm, widely known as the 'Bed Shaker.''

This device is strategically placed adjacent to the bed and functions using a combination of a strobe light and a vibrating pad, which can be positioned under a mattress or pillow.

Triggered by the sound of a traditional smoke alarm, these alarms boast an impressive intensity that ensures the user is woken up.

Mayor Ted R. Green expressed the importance of such initiatives, stating, "Our EOFD firefighters consistently spread awareness about fire safety and prevention.

Providing these special alarms is a testament to EOFD's commitment to safeguarding our community." 

Highlighting the urgency and importance of the program, Interim EOFD Chief Bruce Davis remarked, "With every second being crucial during a fire, those with visual and auditory impairments can't solely rely on conventional alarms.

The high-intensity alarms we're offering can very well be the difference between life and death for our most at-risk citizens."