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Early Morning Drag Racing Continues in Newark's East Ward

By rlsmetro on

Newark Police officers were assisted by agencies as they broke up a large drag racing incident in the city's East Ward Saturday morning. 

The traditional and out-of-control drag racing event happened on Doremus Avenue just before 2 a.m.

Reports say NJ Transit Police and Port Authority were with Newark attempting to break up over a dozen vehicles that were drag racing on the road. 

Officers were able to gain control of the event occurring for decades at the farthest eastern point of Newark's Ironbound section. 


Newark Police has attempted many crackdowns and has had some success until events continue to pop up on social media chat rooms reporting events in Newark, on 440 in Jersey City, and Route 1&9 in Elizabeth, among other places in Nothern, NJ. 

Drag racing enthusiasts who attend events in Newark say the gathering crowd of teenagers and adults between the ages of 17-35 express excitement in their voices while at the events.

Loud roaring mufflers are accompanied by the conversations as the cars quickly approach the designated areas in either town. 

Sometimes it's not the actual race that is dangerous, but the reckless driving being done to show off to your group of friends. Street racing on main roads can cause unexpected harm, so participants flock to areas where there is little to no traffic.

Enthusiast said that cars are already parked alongside the racers, who have started warming up, driving into Doremus Avenue in Newark.

"They do burnouts. When you let the car standstill and the wheel spins," says one enthusiast. "People hold down the car while the driver accelerates with the emergency break up. Then they put the car into gear and practice launches."

There is a lot to risk if police catch up to you though fun to some. New Jersey Law 39:4-52.  states, "No person shall operate a motor vehicle upon a public highway for a wager or in a race or for the purpose of making a speed record." 

A person who violates this section shall be fined not less than twenty-five nor more than one hundred dollars for the first offense, and, for a subsequent offense, not less than one hundred nor more than two hundred dollars.

"When the cops come, we just leave every man for themselves," explains an enthusiast." "We just find the next best place to have our fun." 

There were no injuries reported in last night's incident.