Off-Duty Trooper Revives Unconscious Drowning Victim

A New Jersey State Trooper on a family vacation in Orlando Florida performed life-saving CPR on a 12-year-old girl who was found face down in a swimming pool.

According to police on Friday, August 23, Trooper I Charles Travis was near a resort swimming pool when he heard someone calling for help.

Without hesitation, officials say Tpr. Travis entered the pool, grabbed the 12-year-old girl, and carried her to the pool deck where began performing CPR.

After administering several rounds, the child coughed-up water and regained consciousness.

She was later transported to an area hospital where an examination revealed that she suffered no injuries according to police.

Trooper Travis, a former life guard, volunteer firefighter and NYPD officer, relied on his training and experience to make quick and decisive actions, which may have prevented a tragedy.

Officials say Trooper Travis' actions have brought great credit and distinction upon the New Jersey State Police.