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Dry Weather Returns to Newark, North Jersey Region, Rain Expected Later This Week


By: Richard L. Smith 

After days of humid conditions and occasional rain, Newark and the North Jersey region will finally experience a welcome change as National Weather Service meteorologists tell us that a pocket of dry air sweeps in, bringing sunny skies and more comfortable temperatures.


Today, my friend and family in the region can anticipate a sunny day with temperatures near 89 degrees. NWS forcasters say a west wind is expected to blow between 11 to 16 mph, contributing to the pleasant weather conditions.

NWS forecasters say the skies are predicted to remain mostly clear tonight, providing a serene backdrop for a low temperature of around 70 degrees. 

However, the respite from rainy weather might be temporary. NWS forecasts suggest that rain is likely to make a return appearance on Thursday.

While today and tonight promise better weather, it's advised to keep an eye on upcoming forecasts and stay prepared for the possibility of rainfall later in the week.


NWS meteorologists say the change in weather patterns results from the shifting atmospheric conditions, allowing the dry air to move in and replace the moisture-laden air causing the recent humid and rainy days.

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