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Drizzle Clears for a Pleasant Easter Sunday in Newark, North Jersey Region


By: Richard L. Smith 

Residents in the Newark and the North Jersey region are waking up to a damp Easter Sunday morning, with light drizzle gently blanketing the area.ChickenHowever, the National Weather Service assures that this will clear up, making way for a pleasant day ahead.

Early risers at 4:30 a.m. are greeted with a cool 46 degrees, setting the stage for a partly sunny day.

Accoridng to The National Weather Service, the forecast promises an improvement as the day progresses, with temperatures climbing to a high near 61 degrees.

A gentle west wind of 6 to 10 mph will accompany the warmer weather, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable Easter for those celebrating.

As the day turns into night, NWS forecasters say the weather will take a slight turn, with rain expected to start falling after  7 p.m. 

The skies will grow increasingly cloudy, and the temperature will hold steady at around 46 degrees.

The chance of precipitation stands at 60%, with new precipitation amounts anticipated to be less than a tenth of an inch.

RLS Media wishes everyone in New Jersey a blessed Easter, encouraging residents to enjoy the day's pleasant weather before the nighttime rain.