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Drive-by Gunmen Open Fire at Roselle Prayer Vigil; Injuries Reported


Union County authorities are on the search for several shooters who drove up to a prayer vigil near a church in Roselle then opened fire at several people who gathered.

According to preliminary reports, several rounds of gunfire erupted in the vicinity of 12th Avenue and Morris Street at approximately 10:05 p.m., sending a massive police presence to the scene where officers say bullets struck three victims at that location.

Police taped off a large area around the crime scene and a newly opened Wawa convenience store abruptly closed for the evening as police canvased the scene for additional victims and possible suspects.

Residents in the area -who did not want their identity released due to possible retaliation- told RLS Media that the escalating gang activity has fallen on deaf ears in what use to be a "descent neighborhood" to live.

"The silent recruitment of gang members and their criminal activity has taken over the neighborhood with no clear end in sight."

"This was a memorial for a young man who passed years ago. Today was his 30th birthday and they held a memorial for him on Morris Street in Roselle before the shooters arrived in a car," a concerned resident in the area said.

Police would only confirm serious injuries, but residents said one person laid out on the street from 10 p.m. until about midnight in what they called a fatality from the shooting.

"One of the victims ran into the Wawa's on St. George's Avenue after the shooting to seek help," according to residents.

Police say one victim suffered a gunshot wound to the knee, one person was hit in the back and the last victim -arrived at Rahway Hospital by private vehicle- suffered gunshot injuries.

Police searching the area found an unoccupied vehicle on Warren Street that they believe was used during the shooting.

Roselle authorities have not confirmed the motive for the shooting and a request for public information to the Union County Prosecutor's Office has not returned messages left for a possible fatality.