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“Do Whatever it Takes to Protect Yourself” Westfield Police Tells Residents After Home Invasion Robbery, Rape


Westfield Police reported a very serious incident involving a home invasion yesterday afternoon, just before 2 p.m.

Authorities said the incident took place on the border between Westfield and Scotch Plains and is taken extremely seriously.

The home invasion in the 400 block of Longfellow Avenue left one person injured and raped Tuesday afternoon.

It led to an extensive law enforcement response in the quiet neighborhood. 

Officials say police officers said they are asking all residents to be very cautious when returning home from taking walks, going to the store, etc. 

Westfield Police told residents the following: 

"Please monitor your surroundings, have your cell phone on hand and charged at all times.

If you see anyone who you think may be following you, do not exit your vehicle, call the police and stay in your locked car until the police arrive to check out the person who you feel may be following you.

Upon entering your home, make sure you lock the door immediately behind you and keep all of the exterior doors locked at all times; this includes garage doors, side and rear doors as well.

Also, keep ground-level windows locked and secured. We are also asking that neighbors look out for one another. If you see anyone who looks suspicious in your neighborhood, please call your local police and let us talk to the individual.

Please be extra cautious!

Do whatever you can to keep yourself and your loved ones safe."

The suspect remains at large.