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"Do Not Open Your Home Doors to Strangers" as Maplewood Police, Essex Prosecutor Investigates Overnight Incident


Authorities in Maplewood has urged residents in and around the township to lock their doors and report any suspicious activities and people to police as they team up with detectives from The Essex County Prosecutor's Office in an investigation into an incident that law enforcement officials released very little information on due to the early stages of the investigation.

Residents told RLS Metro Breaking News that the incident reportedly involved -some type of- home burglary or invasion that involved a child, but they would not release a location of the incident or if there were any severe injuries reported.

According to an official statement released by Maplewood Chief Devaul, he advised residents "Do not open your doors to strangers and to talk to strangers through a window -if you need to- then dial 911".

A spokesperson for the Essex County Prosecutor's Office would only confirm an incident and stated it is in its early stages and more information will be released as soon as it becomes available.

Traveling around Maplewood, there was an increased police presence as units on walking patrol and moving in vehicle canvassed several neighborhoods to provide a sense of security for residents.

We will update this story as soon as additional information becomes available.