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DEVELOPING: Neighborhood Evacuating After Multiple Trees Fall in Irvington

Irvington Township

Families with children ran from homes in the teens block of Rutgers Avenue after the fury of Tropical Storm Isaias whipped its way up the east coast and wreaked havoc on a neighborhood in Irvington Township this afternoon.

It happened just before noon, when heavy rain fell around the state and uprooted four trees on Rutgers Avenue in Irvington.

Emergency responders and rescue crews immediately requested PSE&G to turn the power off on the block that borders Union and Chancellor Avenues.

Once the power was off, firefighters evacuated the homes and then checked for trapped and injured occupants.

There were no injuries reported.

NJ Transit buses were called to the scene to provide shelter to the residents.

Additionally, PSE&G is reporting multiple power outages in Irvington, including a large disruption in the area of McAllister Place and Payne Avenue