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DEVELOPING: Multiple Victims Struck by Gunfire in Plainfield

By rlsmetro on

There is a crime scene established and an investigation underway into a shooting that sent several people to the hospital this evening in Plainfield.

According to a primary investigation, shooters repeatedly fired on several people standing in the area of 523 West 3rd Street at approximately 9:10 p.m.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found at least three victims suffering bullet injuries with one of the victims seriously wounded.

Police are trying to determine if the fourth victim’s injuries is from being shot or from bullets ricocheting from a building.

Police said all of the injured were transported to an area hospital for treatment at this time.

Residents blame the recent rash of shootings in Plainfield -that injured just under a dozen and killed two- on gang violence that has gone unnoticed by city officials for quite some time.

Authorities have not released official information on the motive for this evening’s shooting.