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DEVELOPING: Essex Prosecutor Takes Over Irvington Police Internal Affairs Division Amid NJ AG Investigation

By rlsmetro on
Irvington Township

The Essex County Prosecutor's Office will oversee the Irvington Township Police Department's Internal Affairs division while the NJ Attorney General's Office conducts an undisclosed investigation RLS Media learned earlier today. 

Just before noon today, about a dozen agents from the Attorney General's Office entered the Irvington Police Department and conducted an operation and investigation that was welcomed and agreed upon by Mayor Tony Vauss and Police Director Tracy Bowers, officials told RLS Media. 

The NJ AG's Office or the Essex County Prosecutor's Office hasn't confirmed if the Irvington Police Department is subject to the investigation. 

At this time, the Internal Affairs Division is being looked into for the undisclosed matter. 

Despite unconfirmed reports, the Irvington Police Department has not been taken over by the NJ General's Office. 

We will update this report as additional information becomes available.