Officials Investigate Death of Paterson Man Who Police Reportedly Used Physical Force, Compliance Holds On

Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes announced that an investigation has been launched to determine what lead to a Paterson man’s death.

According to authorities, a preliminary investigation revealed that on Jan. 5th, at approximately 2:45 a.m., a caller believed to be Jameek Lowery, 27, of Paterson, called 911 and stated he had taken ecstasy and was paranoid.

Paterson Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services responded to the scene and ultimately transported Lowery to a local area hospital but left the hospital sometime after becoming erratic.

Officials say at approximately 3:42 a.m., a caller - believed to be Lowery - called 911 to report that people were trying to kill him in the area of Broadway and Memorial Drive in Paterson. Minutes later, an allegedly agitated Lowery, entered Paterson Police Headquarters where he once again called 911. EMS respond and based on preliminary reports, police used physical force and compliance holds to secure Lowery in the ambulance before he was once again transported to an area hospital.

According to authorities, hospital records indicate no acute trauma. Paterson Police and Paterson Fire Department records indicate the transportation from headquarters to the hospital took approximately five to twelve minutes.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Lowery was unresponsive and was ultimately pronounced dead at the hospital in the early morning hours of Jan. 7th.

The cause and manner of Lowery’s death will be determined by the State of New Jersey Regional Medical Examiner’s Office.

This is an ongoing investigation.

The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office will make no further comment or public statement at this time and more information will be released when it becomes available.