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COVID-19: North Bergen Community Mourns 30 Long Term Care Facility Patients

By rlsmetro on
North Bergen

NORTH BERGEN, N.J. — According to new data released by the State of New Jersey, 39 North Bergen residents have now died as a result of the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic.

Of those deaths, 30 have been confirmed as residents of the township’s three long term care facilities, Hudson View, Hudson Hills and the Harborage, by Health Department officials.

The Township of North Bergen asks residents to join in mourning these nursing home patients who have tragically lost their lives to COVID-19, as well as all victims of the disease.

“This disease preys on the most vulnerable among us worst of all, and the results are nothing short of tragic,” said Mayor Nicholas Sacco.

“Our Health Department is working with these facilities to put as many safeguards in place as possible, such as isolating residents and not allowing visitors to enter.

I ask all of North Bergen to join me in mourning these men and women and praying for them and their families during this difficult time, as well as all other victims of this pandemic in our community and throughout the country and the world.”

The Township of North Bergen has taken numerous actions at the direction of public health officials to limit the spread of Coronavirus, all of which are accessible on the township website’s dedicated Coronavirus Updates page.

Residents are encouraged to follow the township’s social media pages, which are available in both English and Spanish and are updated multiple times per day with new information.

Mayor Sacco continues to coordinate with the state and county and is working closely with township department heads to develop and implement plans to address the coronavirus situation.

Among those involved in the ongoing planning sessions are the North Bergen Health Department, Housing Authority, Parking Authority, DPW, Schools, Library, Senior Services, Police, Fire Prevention, EMS, OEM, and other key areas.