Woman Attacked, Maced on Coach USA Number 24 Bus in Elizabeth

A video that surfaced on social media of a violent physical attack of a woman who was also maced on a bus while reportedly traveling to a NJ mall has police in Elizabeth investigating.

Police have not released an official statement on the incident nor have they reported an arrest of the assailant, but according to information that made its way into our information space via of a video, the incident occurred on Thursday evening Dec. 28th near The Mills at Jersey Gardens Mall.

The video showed the strong verbal interaction between two women quickly escalate into one of the females -aggressor- began to attack the woman by striking her with her fist physically.

An unidentified male interceded and tried desperately to shield the victim from the woman's attack but did manage to get the aggressor on the steps at the entrance of the bus near where the victim sat in the first seat separated by a glass safety partition.

According to the video, the woman rushed back on the bus and passed the male assisting then produced, what appeared to be pepper spray, and activated it in the victim's face.

Several horrified passengers rushed to aid of the temporarily blinded woman and attempted to pour water on her face according to the video.

The video showed that the suspect did not remain on the bus. The video did not reveal what assistance the bus operator conducted during the incident.

It is not clear if the male who initially assisted the woman was the bus driver at this time.

Commuters who ride the number 24 bus has expressed safety concerns on riding the line stating on a social media site "There is always violence on the bus going to and from The Mills at Jersey Gardens Mall" several people wrote in a post.

A request for public information to Coach USA and Elizabeth Police officials for general information on if the commuters are safe on the #24 bus going to and from The Mills at Jersey Gardens Mall has not been returned, but a message on the Coach USA website stated the following:

"Motorcoach and bus travel is one of the safest modes of transportation. We take the safety of our passengers seriously".

NOTE: Coach USA of Elizabeth operates the 24 bus. A gentleman answered a request for public information for Coach USA .