Costco Online Viral $75 Gift Coupon in New Jersey is a Fake Company says

A coupon that promises $75 off of a customer's purchased if shared online is a scam Costco officials confirmed on Wednesday.

According to a statement released by Costco officials, they are investigating the fraudulent offer that appeared on Facebook earlier this year and has alerted authorities of the scam.

Officials say the fake ad prompted users to click on a link unaffiliated with Costco to collect their $75 coupon. To access it, users would need to share the post on Facebook and input some personal information.

According to Costco officials, the company shares legit deals on its website and doesn't accept any coupons that are not issued directly by the warehouse.

Costco has noted ways in which you can prevent fraud by doing the following Pop-Up Advertisement:

"Some advertisements "pop up" in a separate browser window advising that you have won a contest or request that you participate in a survey to collect a prize. They may then ask that you provide personal information in order to receive your gift. By clicking on the link, it is possible that you are also downloading viruses designed to capture or destroy information on your computer".