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Cooling Center Opens in Fanwood

By kcora on

Fanwood Police Chief Richard Trigo announced following the National Weather Service’s predicted high temperatures f‪or the next couple days, ‬a cooling center is now available for all those in need of heat relief.

Officials say The Chelsea Senior Living Center located at ‪295 South Avenue in Fanwood‬ will be open to use as a cooling station.

Anyone that needs transportation to the Cooling Station please call the Fanwood Police Department at ‪(908) 322-5000‬ and they will make arrangements for you.

Authorities remind residents visiting a relief station, to bring any medications and/or specialty items that you may need.

Residents and visitors are urged to limit exposure outside, particularly during the hottest part of the day - roughly ‪from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.‬

Officials say those who must be outside should take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water. High body temperatures and dehydration will make other medical conditions such as heart and breathing problems much worse. It is very important to stay cool and hydrated when the heat index reaches these dangerous levels.

According to authorities, don’t forget to check on your elderly neighbors, advise them of the cooling station at the Chelsea and remind them to remain hydrated and to contact the ‪Fanwood‬ Police Department at ‪(908) 322-5000‬ in the event of an emergency.