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Cooler Temperatures and Clouds Blanket Newark, North Jersey Region


By: Richard L. Smith 

As the Newark and North Jersey region wakes up this morning, residents can expect a cooler day ahead, marked by mostly cloudy skies across the area.NinosThe day brings with it a "real feel" chill, with the cool air making temperatures feel significantly lower than they actually are.

Thankfully, the winds that have been sweeping through the region are expected to subside after sunrise, offering a slight reprieve from the brisk conditions.

According to the National Weather Service, highs today will struggle to break out of the upper 40s, hovering around 48 degrees.

This will necessitate a jacket in Newark and possibly even a coat in other parts of North Jersey, depending on the local wind chill factor.

A northeast wind blowing at 7 to 10 mph will keep the cool air circulating throughout the day.

As evening approaches NWS, there's a chance of drizzle or light rain, adding to the autumnal feel.

Areas of fog are expected to develop after 2 a.m., further obscuring visibility under the night's cloudy skies.

Temperatures will dip to a low of around 43 degrees. Residents should prepare for a damp and foggy start to the following day.