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Company Recalls Cinnamon Powder Over Contamination Concerns

New Jersey

By: Richard L. Smith 

Raja Foods LLC, based in Skokie, Illinois, has initiated a recall for its "SWAD CINNAMON POWDER" in 3.5-ounce packages due to potential lead contamination.AdThe presence of lead, even in deficient levels, can pose health risks, particularly with long-term exposure.

Although short-term exposure might not show immediate symptoms, it can lead to increased blood lead levels, which is often the first indicator of exposure.

Lead is a toxic substance that can adversely affect almost every system in the body. The severity of its effects depends on the duration of exposure and the individual's age and body weight.

Children are particularly at risk, as prolonged exposure can cause permanent damage to the central nervous system, leading to learning disabilities and developmental issues.

Adults facing chronic exposure may suffer from kidney problems, hypertension, and cognitive impairments.AdThe recall specifically targets the "SWAD BRAND CINNAMON POWDER" packaged in clear plastic 3.5 oz bags with the UPC code 0-51179-34280-4.

Two batches are affected: Batch KX21223 with a Best Before date of July 2026 and Batch KX08123 with a Best Before date of March 2026.

These products have been distributed across retail grocery stores in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast regions of the United States.

To date, there have been no reported illnesses connected to this recall, which was initiated following routine testing by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Customers who have purchased the implicated "SWAD CINNAMON POWDER" are encouraged to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund as part of the company's commitment to consumer safety and quality assurance.