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Cloudy Skies Prevail in Newark, North Jersey Region While Sunshine is Expected Later in the Week


By: Richard L. Smith 

Residents in Newark and the North Jersey region are facing a week that starts off dry yet cloud-covered, with little to no sunshine peeking through.AHAThe day begins with a cool 35 degrees, setting the tone for what's predominantly a cloudy stretch ahead.

The area is gearing up for mostly cloudy conditions as locals patiently await the return of the sun, anticipated towards the end of the week.

The National Weather Service said today's forecast sees mostly cloudy skies with a high near 37 degrees.

A gentle north wind at 5 to 7 mph will shift to the southeast in the afternoon, bringing a slight change in the day's feel.

As night falls, the cloud cover persists. The temperature is expected to hover around a low of 33 degrees under these cloudy skies.

While the lack of sunshine might cast a dull hue over the region, the dry conditions offer some respite. Residents can look forward to clearer skies and brighter days as the week progresses.