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Clifton Police Arrest Two for Carjacking, Robbery, Kidnapping


Police in Clifton have arrested Travis Mann, of Hewitt and Paul Dunlop, 45, of Pompton Lakes who were involved in a carjacking, robbery and kidnapping that occurred in the city on October 16.

According to police, on October 16, at approximately 11:15 PM, officers were dispatched to the Chase Bank on Main Avenue on the report of a female inside the ATM vestibule trying to signal for help. Officers arrived to find numerous individuals on the scene.

According to the investigation, at approximately 10:45 p.m., a couple were seated in a vehicle that was parked near the intersection of Main Avenue and Vreeland Avenue. At that time, an individual, later identified as Mr. Mann, approached the driver's side of the vehicle, knocked on the window, and identified himself as a police officer.

According to statements made to the police, Mr. Mann then told the couple that they were "breaking the law" by being intimate in a public place and that they would have to compensate him with cash if they wanted to avoid being arrested.

In fear for their safety after Mr. Mann suggested that he was armed, the couple complied. Mr. Mann then ordered the female victim out of the front passenger seat and directed her to sit in the rear seat of the couple's vehicle.

According to the investigation, Mr. Mann then entered the couple's vehicle, sat in the front passenger seat, and directed the male victim to drive to a nearby bank. The male victim complied and was followed to the bank in question by an accomplice vehicle, later determined to be driven by Mr. Dunlop.

Police report that after the male victim withdrew cash from the ATM, the female victim then ATM vestibule in an attempt to withdraw additional funds. It was at that time that the female victim was able to mouth the words, "HELP ME", to an individual who had just arrived in the bank's parking lot.

Officers were available and nearby when the call came in and were able to interrupt the crime in progress.

Based on the investigation, both Travis Mann and Paul Dunlop were arrested. They were both charged with Kidnapping, Carjacking, and Robbery. Mr. Mann was additionally charged with Impersonating a Police Officer and Criminal Coercion.