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Clifton Physician Accused of Having Sexual Relations with a Patient, Surrenders License


The State Board of Medical Examiners (BME) today entered into a Consent Order with Dr. Theodore F. Jasper, who maintains an office in Clifton, as both parties agreed to a temporary license suspension following allegations that the doctor had sexual relations with a patient.

On July 2, 2015, a Complaint and Order to Show Cause was filed before the BME seeking the temporary suspension of Dr. Jasper’s license, alleging, among other things, engaging in the use or employment of dishonesty, gross or repeated malpractice, professional misconduct, and engaging in sexual conduct with a patient.

The Complaint alleges that Dr. Jasper and a patient (referred to as “L.S.”) began to engage in a sexual relationship in late 2013. L.S. had been a patient of Dr. Jasper for over ten years and had been treated largely for bi-polar disorder, through the use of a variety of different medications and talk therapy.

As alleged in the complaint, the sexual relationship between Dr. Jasper and L.S. began in late 2013 and involved sexual intercourse at the residence of L.S. and Dr. Jasper’s medical office. The relationship also included L.S. sending multiple photographs to Dr. Jasper featuring her semi-nude and in provocative poses, which Dr. Jasper retained in his private files, along with the exchange of many gifts, including a pin to Dr. Jasper identifying Jasper as the “World’s Sexiest Psychiatrist,” roses, chocolates, wine, candles, cards, and a “Victoria’s Secret” gift card. At the time of this relationship, Dr. Jasper was still prescribing medication to L.S. for continued treatment of her bi-polar disorder and ADHD, and was still seeing her for office visits.

“The sexual misconduct allegations against Theodore Jasper, if proven, represent violations of basic and fundamental boundaries that should exist between and doctor and a patient,” said Steve Lee, Acting Director of the State Division of Consumer Affairs. “Our Complaint against Jasper and the order temporarily suspending his license is a vital step toward addressing such disturbing allegations and protecting the public from such conduct.”

Jasper will remain suspended until a plenary hearing to consider further disciplinary action against him.

A date for the plenary hearing has not yet been scheduled.